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I can’t even begin to tell how much I love this application. I think I love it as much or MORE than Datacad! Media Center is the successor to J Rivers Media Jukebox. This is in my opinion, the best Media managment program around. I’ve used Windows Media Player, Music Match, and a few others, but have fallen in loved Media Center. It’s handles everything! Enables streaming of all my media to my droid or anywhere there is a DNLA box. It is also IPod / Phone compatable so you can leave cruddy Itunes behind for good! (Except when you need a firmware upgrade)  They have Amazon’s and their own built music in store for buying music the was it’s supposed to be bought online at much higher bitrates.

Visit http://www.jriver.com/ to download a free 30 day trial! It uninstalls nice & clean if you decide not to keep it.

Organize and experience all your media

Music, photos and video YOUR way — all from a single software program! Connect your PC to your home entertainment hardware and control it all with a remote! Load your music on your iPod while you watch TV! All with one easy-to-use program — MEDIA CENTER!

Make your media part of your digital lifestyle

Copy music from MEDIA CENTER to a portable digital audio player or move digital camera photos into MC’s powerful image library. Make a CD of music for your car. Record your favorite shows and watch them on your TV. More than one soundcard? Play different music simultaneously in different rooms. MC’s Media Server can even stream your music to your PC at work!

GoldWave is a top rated, professional digital audio editor. It contains so many great features, you will be amazed by all the things it can do:
Play, edit, mix, and analyze audio
Record audio from cassettes, vinyl records, radio, etc. through your computer’s line-in
Record dictation through a microphone or play dictation back at a slower speed for transcription (with foot pedal control)
Record and edit audio for podcasting
Apply special effects, such as fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse, flanger, and more
Digitally remaster and restore old recordings with noise reduction and pop/click filters
Make perfect digital copies of audio CD tracks using the CD Reader tool and save them in wav, wma, mp3, or ogg files
Edit music for dance programs, figure skating, gymnastics
Analyze human speech, bird song, whale song
Demonstrate digital signal processing with filter effects and the Expression Evaluator tool
View a variety of real-time visuals and VU meters
Convert files to/from different formats, such as wav, wma, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox and even raw binary data
GoldWave is the most advanced and complete audio editor available in its price range. It includes all of the common audio editing commands and effects, plus powerful built-in tools such as a batch processor/converter, a CD reader, and audio restoration filters that cost extra in other similar programs. Comprehensive, easy to use, and efficiently engineered, GoldWave offers the best value in audio editing software. With over 10 years of development and widespread usage, it has an excellent and unmatched track record.

Visit Goldwave’s Website

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