My H2100 headset just locked up on me for the first time. These are my daily drivers and I usually don’t like messing with stuff I need day in and day out if possible. Thankfully for me there is Youtube! Worked great! Few things to note:

  • The Ear muffs remove well by using the thumb from the inside gently lifting up out of the groove as the video shows. Be mindful of the thinner synthetic leather material as it seems to be the weakest point. Gently working around the unit works well and the material gives enough to get them on and off fairly easy but take your time to protect the materials life span.
  • I would recommend something along the lines of a thin guitar pick instead of the razor blade to remove the inner lining. Just have to get it started at one point, and then work your way around. It is held on with a tacky glue that once removed and the headphones are fixed, will aid well in making sure the lining will stay where it should just fine. My headset is about a year old and I would guess this glue should remain tacky for a few more years or so allowing for several more removals if needed. Once the glue is too old to be reused, I am sure I could clean the mounting surface easily and find a similar glue product to replace it with.
  • Really watch those cables when pulling the driver up. They are short and thin!
  • Also when pulling the 3 wire cable from the PCB inside to reset the device, pull on the plug, not the wires and ever so gently rock a bit to wiggle it free. A set of fine needle nose pliers or tweezers might be handy for bigger fingers.

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