Linetype Pack 04 – Detail Builder




This Datacad Linetype pack includes 10 high resolution line types including:

– CMU Sction: A CMU block section
– Grass: Revised grass linetype based on the Standard Datacad linetype, fixed gaps
– GrassHD: Lush High Definition Grass
– Plywood: This plywood linetype is missing the edges. We use it as a half-toned filler linetype between two lines of a solid black color. Since this linetype is missing the edges, it makes offsetting much easier.
– Tongue And Groove 1×4: (self explanatory)
– Tongue And Groove 1×6: (self explanatory)
– Tongue And Groove 1×8: (self explanatory)
– Weld Fillet: 1/4 fillet weld
– Weld Fillet Closed: 1/4 fillet weld with a closed edge
– Weld Hiny : Butt weld. Hee,hee butt weld


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