Linetype Pack 03 – Path of Travel




This Datacad Linetype pack includes 10 high resolution line types including:

– Dog Print: Woof!
– Footprints: No shoes, no shirt, no problem! Average walking stride at 1′-0″ spacing
– Footsteps: Size 12’s at an average walking stride at 1′-0″ spacing
– Footsteps Lite: Same as the size 12’s about, just not filled. Average walking stride at 1′-0″ spacing
– Roads – 2 Lane: 12′ wide Highway
– Roads – 2 Lane No Pass: 12′ wide Highway No Passing
– Roads – 2 Lane No Pass Markers: 12′ wide Highway No Passing w/ reflective markers
– Tire 01: Commercial or Large truck tire tracks
– Tire 02: Can be used for Mountain Bike, Dirt Bike, or at larger scales, caterpillar tracks
– Tire 03: Passenger car tracks
– Railroad: Standard US wood railroad tie based railway with a 5-1/2″ steal rail gauge of 4′-8″.


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