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There are a few lines in the dcadwin.ini file that can be tweaked to allow you to use your own custom icons for some of Datacad’s standard toolbars and dialogs.

Use External Icons=True
This will make Datacad look for 32bit- Alpha channel PGN file in the Support Files\Toolbars\ folder for it’s icons first before using the ones stored within the main program.

[Layer Manager]
This will make Datacad look into the Support Files\Toolbars\ folder for the following icons for use in the Layer Manager
The default listed are LayerOn.png, LayerOff.png, LayerActive.png, LayerErase.png, LayerLock.png, and LayerUnlock.png though some additional may be added over time.

[Standard Toolbar]
If any of the above are set to FALSE, the corresponding icon will not appear on the Standard Toolbar.

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A couple Datacad Start Logos I whipped up. Unzip the BMP files, rename one to DC_Logo_Splash.bmp and replace the same file in your Datacad diectory. Remember to backup your original file in case you want it again. I also included layered Photoshop PSD files in case you want to tweak em.

Download – Datacad Start Logos

Like the websites product image, there is no depth to the shot.

     Recently our bank (ie; credit union, EECU, insert support local banks plug here) updated their online banking software suite. It’s really quite fantastic, and I am looking forward to using it to create a better household budget but the real kicker was that it had a link to a rewards program for my EECU Visa card I never knew existed. I think I may have seen something about it in one of the glossies that used to come with the billing statement years ago before I switched to email for paperless billing. I’ve had this card for about 12 years, and apparently I had racked up quite the cache of points. So I browsed their somewhat limited selection of goods and decided on a deluxe counter-top toaster as well as Megamind & Goonies on Blu-Ray.

     The toaster oven got here yesterday, and I unboxed all of it’s stainless steel goodness this morning. It really looks like it’s gonna toast up something yummy. Just wish I had something toastable in the house. Later this evening Brandon and I went outside to admire our hard days work putting up the Christmas lights on the house and decided to go get the mail. As I was reaching into the mailbox I heard the scraping of metal. ‘Ah! the key for the package box below!’ So I retrieved the package and sure enough it had the label of the rewards company on the outside of the package. Walking back to the house from the mailbox I noticed that the box was way too heavy for just two movies. Felt close to 2-3 lbs. So we got it inside and opened it up and inside was the mother of all 80’s collectors editions. I knew that the reward website mentioned that the Goonies was the 25th Anniversary Edition, but I figured this meant what most anniversary based packs meant, some extra features, if your lucky the material had been digitally remastered, if your real lucky they remastered it in true HD. This pack is nuts. It came with 10 high gloss, double sided storyboards from the production, mini reproductions of a collectors magazine made in the 80’s back when then movie was making a killing. Some mini mag from Spielberg & it’s own board game. Like a board game board game. With playing cards, little gold coins and little token pieces with the characters on them.

When too much Goonies is just not enough.

Just what I always needed. A my own, even smaller, Cory Spelman.

Go from IDE mode to AHCI mode for your SATA devices by running the Microsoft Fix It tool to enable AHCI driver support. Worked Flawlessly on Windows 7 SP1. After running the MS Fit It Tool, reboot, enter the BIOS, change your controller mode to AHCI, save the BIOS settings and reboot back into Windows. With any luck you should not see the BSOD :p

Microsoft Fit It Tool – Enable Sata AHCI mode

Ever been crusing around on your LAN and try to delete a folder and get this message:


Windows 7 (and Vista SP1) creates a temporary cache in the networked location for quicker displaying of thumbnails from networked locations. The bad thing is the OS keeps the thumb.db file in use for a short time after you leave the folder so in the chance you may browse back to it shortly it can quickly recall the cache file rather than read all the files and rebuild the icons. The bad thing is when the thumbs.db file is still in lock down mode, you can’t delete or rename folders.

So if your network is fast enough (which most should be for most folder contents) you can disable the network location thumbnail caching by editing the following Group Policy:
– Start, type ‘gpedit.msc’ and hit ENTER.
– Drill down into User Config, Admin Templates, Windows Components, Windows Explorer
– Locate ‘Turn off the caching of thumbnails in hidden thumbs.db files’ and double click on it to edit the policy
– Set the Policy to ‘Enabled’ and click Apply, OK.

That should be it. Now go delete a bunch of stuff.

Watched Sherlock Holmes The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) the other night and loved it. Now watching Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943). Getting to know Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce as Holmes & Watson is quite enjoyable. Especially when Holmes is in disguise (voice and dress) on screen in close ups and you don’t even notice it’s him at all until his reveals himself. Don’t make movies like this anymore. Characters are great. Think once I am done with my Cussler series, I will take up the Holmes series.

Open an admin level command prompt and type
“powercfg –h off”
and hit enter. That’s it. This will disable hibernation and automaticly remove the hiberfil.sys file.

The Bridge w/ Pastor Scott Hansen (Our Church!)

King James Version Bible Online

Focus on the Family w/ Dr. James Dobson.

Coral Ridge Ministries w/ Dr. D. James Kennedy

Calvary Chapel of Fresno w/ Pastor Bruce Mumper

Love Worth Finding w/ Pastor Adrian Rogers (1931-2005)

Thru the Bible w/ Pastor John Vernon McGee (1904-1988)

Truth for Life w/ Alistair Begg

Christian Research Institute w/ Hank Hanegraaff

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